Avaya VSP 9000KJMJ Consulting is a small group of highly skilled IT technology professionals who consult with businesses large and small. We specialize in offering skilled technology experts in a very cost effective manner for businesses looking for guidance in deploying new technologies or in need of technical assistance with a problem or issue in their environment.

Who exactly are we?

We’re not a full-time consulting company by any means, every consultant that we currently have available already works a full-time job. Our consultants usually work outside of business hours during nights and weekends. We accomplish this via remote access and video conferencing.  Our goal is to provide the customer with expert technical assistance in a very cost effective manner. We’ll cut through the vendor fud and give you the real story from experienced IT professionals. You’ll have access to folks that are highly knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and understand the technologies they work with daily inside and out. We’ll dig into the design and/or problem and get results fast!

Avaya IP 1165e with Addon ModuleWe’re very adept at reviewing existing network infrastructures and  assisting customers with applying best practice configurations and designs. We primarily focus in networking, IP telephony, and virtualization deployments.

We also offer hands-on personalized training around Avaya, Cisco, HP, Juniper and VMware products.

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss an upcoming project.

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