KJMJ-Tumbler-smallWould you look at what fell out the back of the UPS truck today?

It’s no secret that marketing yourself as a consultant is fairly difficult. The majority of a consultant’s business is repeat customers and referrals from existing customer. Whether you are the full-time employee looking for a new job or a part-time consultant looking for that next customer, it’s old fashioned people networking that will usually land you the job or at least get you inside the door, or get that introduction to your next potential client.

This year I decided to have some tumblers made up from

They’re definitely nicer than I expected… now to ship a few out to friends, family and clients!



PO Box

We now have a post office box.

I found out the United States Postal Service offers a free service that will send you an SMS text message whenever you get something delivered to your PO box – that’s a really awesome service. Although I can see the junk mail ruining the value of that service. Please no junk mail!

KJMJ Consulting
PO Box 414
Uwchland, PA 19480-9998


Logo and Post Office box

We’re currently working on a logo and securing a Post Office box. Our next step will be to open a small business checking account.

Fictious Name Registraion

We’ve registered our factious name with the Pennsylvania Department of State which was again pretty easy and straight forward.

Employer Identification Number

We now have our own EIN (Employer Identification Number) which was pretty easy to obtain online from the Internal Revenue Service.

It’s feast or famine

Like almost everything in life… it’s feast or famine. We’ve been super busy with a number of new customers so much so that we’ve had to turn away people. We’ve also added a few additional consultants to help with the upturn in business.

It’s alive!

Yes it’s another website/blog/portal for yet another consulting company. Will it go anywhere or will I really make anything of it, perhaps yes or perhaps no but only time will tell. I’ve actually been sitting on the domain name for over a year now and finally decided to setup this site. I’ll honestly tell you that I played with Joomla for three or four days before I decided that it was entirely too big an application for what I was looking to-do. I just needed a place to call home for any consulting work that I do on the side. A place to post articles that while geared toward technology don’t really fit with the content that I currently post on my personal blog.